Hey, I’m Eshoom,

Blogger, Dietitian & MPhil Scholar.

My interest in nutrition and health comes from a personal journey of growth and learning. A few years ago, balancing a healthy lifestyle with my normal daily activities was difficult. As I learned more about nutrition, I learned how mindful eating and a well-balanced diet can significantly affect your health and energy.

Because I wanted to share this enlightening information, I chose an MPhil in nutrition focusing on health education. The things I learned in school helped me understand eating science better. It made me even more determined to share this helpful information with others.

EatFruVeg was started with the idea that everyone should be able to live a healthier, more satisfying life by making smart food choices. I wanted to create a website where people could find resources based on evidence, helpful information, tasty recipes, and motivation to make positive changes in their lives.

Following a list of rules is not the only way to care for your body, as my journey has taught me. Instead, it’s about making a bond with food that lasts and is fun. EatFruVeg is a place where nutrition meets practicality. It should also be a place where the path to a healthier life is both fun and educational.

Come on this journey with me as we learn about nutrition together, breaking down barriers and accepting the power of a healthy diet to change lives. Hello and welcome to EatFruVeg, where my journey and yours to become better and happier come together.

My Favorite Recipes